About Us

East Plains Co-operative Preschool is a non-profit, non-denominational early learning environment. Our school has been operating for over 45 years in the heart of Aldershot in Burlington, Ontario. We have a long history of qualified educators and the support of dedicated parents, all of whom offer a wealth of knowledge and diverse experiences.

The school was established in 1969 by local parents interested in developing an educational program that would help prepare their children for elementary school. At that time, junior kindergarten programs did not exist in the public and Catholic school boards. Thanks to the assistance of the East Plains United Church, the Preschool was able to set itself up in their kindergarten room, which was not being used during the week. Through the hard work of parent volunteers over the years, the Preschool thrived. These parent volunteers invested their time for projects such as cubby shelves for children to hang up their winter coats, and fundraiser events to afford new equipment and field trips, even a child friendly washroom within the classroom. 

Our Goals:

•To guide children toward self-discipline and independence in a warm and caring environment

•To help transition children to Kindergarten

•To guide children toward sharing with others

•To build feelings of confidence and self-esteem

•To encourage learning through play!

East Plains Cooperative Preschool Provides:

•Low child to teacher ratio

•A registered Early Childhood Education teacher

•Social and emotional development

•An active learning environment to help prepare children for Kindergarten

•A focus on developing fine and gross motor skills

•Safe, spacious, bright and airy classroom and gym

•The opportunity to develop friendships with children in the same community

  1. Integrated to provide care for children with special needs

  2. A convenient location - close to elementary schools, parks and shopping

  3. Access to Seesaw for parents, an app that gives families an immediate and personalized window into their child’s school day, helping to answer: "What did you do at school today?"


We are a non-profit group co-owned by the parents/ guardians of the children attending the school. We are funded by:

     • Monthly tuition fees

•Fundraising events

  1. Government grants

In addition to tuition fees, we rely on our members and the general public to participate in fundraising events. Fundraising dollars cover a significant portion of our operating costs. Some fundraising events we hold include:

    •  Pre-Christmas Preschool Auction (our biggest fundraiser open to parents, friends, family and members of the general public)
    •Mabel's Labels
    •Scholastic Book Club

East Plains Co-operative Preschool is a registered charity.

License Requirements: 

East Plains Co-operative Preschool School is licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Education and adheres to the regulations set out by the Day Nurseries Act. Licensing addresses the issues of staff qualifications, programming, child/adult ratios, behaviour management, nutrition, sanitary practices, space requirements, and emergency procedures. 


"I attended East Plains Co-op when I was a toddler and now my children are attending.  We are very lucky to have a school like this in our community"

"Welcoming atmosphere and learning is made fun"

"Well established community school.  Children move on together to Kindergarten and this makes the transition 100% easier!"

"Very comfortable, friendly, positive and encouraging atmosphere"

"Parent involvement is very important"

"Great location!  Easy to drop-off and pick-up siblings at neighbouring schools and shopping"

"With my child heading to a full day kindergarten program, I am so happy that he had a preschool experience. I feel like he is ready for kindergarten now"

*Quotes taken from parent survey


Learning Through Play

375 Plains Rd,

Burlington, Ontario


East Plains Cooperative Preschool


375 Plains Rd, Burlington, Ontario